Find out how much AC/DC, 311, Wednesday 13, and more made on the road

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acdc bon scott 306If you keep wondering how much your favorite bands make when they head out on the road, Billboard‘s Boxscore released their latest batch of earnings and attendance from many artists, and we’ve summarized them here for you.

This time around, we have some numbers for you that will range on the six digits range with some lower earns ranging in a few thousand but, once again, showing how much money fans spend to see their favorite band regardless their style and genre. Last time, we saw some numbers from Iron Maiden’s shows here in North America but now we have some numbers from their shows in Mexico and will be good to compare which did better. Also, we will see  some AC/DC numbers and that may explain to you why it isn’t that easy to just call it a day and decided to do more shows at the end of the year with some guest singers, as Brian Johnson is out of commission for the moment. These are the bands who won’t be seeing the inside of a .99 cent store anytime soon:


Artist: Black Sabbath & Rival Sons
Venue: New York, NY – Madison Square Garden
Date: Feb. 26th-27th, 2016
Gross Sales: $3,471,530
Attendance/Capacity: 29,411 / 29,411
Ticket Prices: $184.50, $144.50, $90, $60


Artist: AC/DC & Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown
Venue: Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome
Date: Feb. 02nd, 2016
Gross Sales: $2,544,102
Attendance/Capacity: 21,337 / 21,337
Ticket Prices: $137, $72


Artist: Iron Maiden, Anthrax & The Raven Age
Venue: Mexico City, MEX – Palacio de los Deportes
Date: Mar. 03rd-04th, 2016
Gross Sales: $1,952,233
Attendance/Capacity: 39,059 / 39,059
Ticket Prices: $66.44, $22.51


Artist: Black Sabbath & Rival Sons
Venue: Tacoma, WA – Tacoma Dome
Date: Feb. 06th, 2016
Gross Sales: $1,465,059
Attendance/Capacity: 17,480 / 18,284
Ticket Prices: $147, $32


Artist: 311
Venue: New Orleans, LA – Smoothie King Center
Date: Mar. 11th-12th, 2016
Gross Sales: $1,006,180
Attendance/Capacity: 15,457 / 17,800
Ticket Prices: $80, $47.25


Artist: Def Leppard, Whitesnake & Black Star Riders
Venue: Manchester, UK – Manchester Arena
Date: Dec. 15th, 2015
Gross Sales: $814,477
Attendance/Capacity: 11,933 / 12,876
Ticket Prices: $68.25


Artist: Mötley Crüe & Alice Cooper
Venue: Manchester, UK – Manchester Arena
Date: Nov. 03rd, 2015
Gross Sales: $709,138
Attendance/Capacity: 10,774 / 11,891
Ticket Prices: $69.47, $54.03


Artist: Iron Maiden, Anthrax & The Raven Age
Venue: Monterrey, MEX – Auditorio Banamex
Date: Mar. 01st, 2016
Gross Sales: $608,921
Attendance/Capacity: 7,944 / 7,944
Ticket Prices: $112.05, $30.97


Artist: Within Temptation & Lacrimas Profundere
Venue: Chemnitz, GER – Wasserschloss Klaffenbach
Date: Aug. 01st, 2015
Gross Sales: $111,938
Attendance/Capacity: 3,000 / 3,000
Ticket Prices: $49.38, $37.31


Artist: Coheed & Cambria, Glassjaw, I The Mighty & Silver Snakes
Venue: Columbus, OH – Express Live!
Date: Feb. 29th, 2016
Gross Sales: $61,479
Attendance/Capacity: 2,149 / 2,149
Ticket Prices: $30, $28.50


Artist: Wednesday 13 & Circus Rhapsody
Venue: Berlin, GER – Musik & Frieden
Date: Nov. 03rd, 2015
Gross Sales: $3,089
Attendance/Capacity: 151 / 400
Ticket Prices: $24.25, $19.84


Looking at those Maiden numbers, you can tell why they love so much to tour across Latin America, because unlike their booked shows here in the states which was at arenas holding between 8,000-12,000 people, they filled a 39,000 venue and made $1.9M on a single date there! Sure, the Monterrey show looks small compared to that but, we’re sure if that venue was able to hold more people, it would have sold out either way.

Of course, when we see numbers for Sabbath or Motley Crue, is not much of a surprise to see them making that much money but AC/DC, that’s some major league stuff and we can see why they decided to continue playing without Johnson. Letting go $2M gigs isn’t as simple, despite everyone’s (including our) opinions. You probably would do the same if that was you.

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