Bruce Dickinson becomes a private jet salesman

Posted by on August 19, 2015

Luxury in life comes with a price tag not many can afford, and that’s ok. It’s for a good reason all the hipsters protest about the 1%, but the reality is that if you belong to that 1% and would like to have a talk with Iron Maiden’s frontman about purchasing a new private jet, you can definitely do that now. Aeris Aviation, the luxury aviation company led by Bruce Dickinson himself, will open a store in one of the most prestigious and terribly expensive shopping malls in London, Harrods, and the product they will cater to those who can purchase a small third-world country will be private jets.

The jets they will focus on are the Eclipse, an economic and eco-friendly production model jet featuring highly advanced features such as 3D synthetic and infra-red enhanced vision avionics, auto-throttles and anti-skid brakes; features rarely seen on jets under $10 million. Dickinson comments about the jets:

“There are no other twin engine jets that can come close to the Eclipse in terms of cost and economy and, with a range in excess of 1000nm, it is ideal for Europe. It is great to fly and I am excited by the future for this remarkable aircraft.”

If you have a few millions dollars to spare or got tired of your old out-of-style private jet, hit Mr. Dickinson up and tell him what you need. He may throw in some nice air fresheners and a copy of Iron Maiden’s new album The Book of Souls set to be released on September 4th.

[via blabbermouth.com]

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