Before hitting success with their current bands, Shadows Fall singer Brian Fair and Killswitch Engage bassist Mike D’Antonio were a part of the influential masscore group Overcast. Since originally disbanding, the band has since performed and re-recorded old material. However, it would appear that Overcast’s most famous members, along with Overcast/Seemless guitarist Pete Cortese, are working together on a new project.

3/5ths of Overcast are being joined by drummer Colin Conway and guitarist Zach Wells in a new project called Death Ray Vision. Though the band has yet to post music online, Fair posted a link to the new group’s Facebook page on his own FB account. In the same status post, he claims that this group will be “Bringing a sound based on our old school influences (Cro-Mags, Integrity, Leeway, Ringworm, etc.),” and that music will be posted shortly. This project seems to be coming at a perfect time, with D’Antonio’s KSE buddies currently on the road supporting Times Of Grace, and Fair’s Shadows Falls band mates appearing to be making headway on their own side project. We will keep you updated when more is revealed about Death Ray Vision, though we have a hunch that Overcast’s influence will have some sort of effect on the sound. Just a hunch.