Roadrunner Records seems to have found a way to one-up MySpace. The famed metal record label has launched a new social network site called SignMeTo Roadrunner Records. Like MySpace, the site allows bands and fans to create free profiles and upload music, images and videos. However, what sets SignMeTo apart is its attempt to replicating the actual A&R process of the recording industry.

Jon Satterley, Senior Vice President of New Media and Global Business Development and chief architect of SignMeTo, stated the following:

“Roadrunner Records is one of the few record labels left with a recognizable brand — one that stands for the very best in rock, metal and alternative music. We wanted to create a fun place for the thousands of bands and fans who are part of our world… but perhaps not yet on the artist roster. To immerse themselves in the culture of the label — a culture they themselves created and keep creating. SignMeTo is a place to discover new music, engage in real musical critiquing, and (as an artist) test yourself against the thousands of other musicians hoping to get discovered.”

Regular users start off by signing in as a “scout.” By reviewing and tagging different bands, the “scouts” help impact the site’s various charts, which refresh daily or weekly by genre and can extend into new types of genres. The more each “scout” reviews and comments, the more weight their opinions carry. In addition to gaining new fans and chart attraction, bands also have the potential of receiving “badges” that are awarded by actual Roadrunner A&R staff.

Upon first look of the site, I’d say it looks pretty neat. It’s not necessarily going to be effective in finding the next Metallica, or even the next big Roadrunner Records’ signing for that matter. But it’s definitely an interesting alternative to MySpace and ReverbNation. Check out SignMeTo Roadrunner Records for yourself and see what you think.