Unsigned And Streamed: Stream Orwell’s Entire Album, AVOHFASIH

Posted by on August 31, 2011

Those of you that were around for Metal Insider’s Orwell as one of the finalists. Ultimately, Iron Thrones won the contest, but many realized that Orwell were a band to keep their eye on. In fact, Iron Thrones guitarist Steve Henningsgard was one of those people. He produced Orwell’s album, A View of Heaven From a Seat In Hell, which will be available from the band this coming Tuesday, September 6. Some might think that the apple wouldn’t fall far from the tree, and while both bands have a mix of Opeth/Isis-like post-hardcore sludge, Orwell’s two-guitar attack differentiates it from Iron Thrones, and while both bands are progressive as fuck, Orwell is definitely a little on the thrashier side at times. While the best way to get it is from the band, as you can see from their all hands on deck approach of packaging the disc, you can get a taste of the full album right here on Metal Insider.

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