This Bangover May Be Hazardous To Your Health

Posted by on August 18, 2010

NCBI ROFL, a blog at DiscoverMagazine.com dedicated to shining the light on serious case studies of random stuff in medical journals, recently found a humorous case study conducted a few years back by the Department of Neurology at the Boston University School of Medicine. The study had 37 eighth graders, ages 13 or 14, participate in a dance marathon to observe the pains that can arouse from a certain type of dancing. What type of dancing you ask? The research observed youngsters headbanging during three songs at the dance. That’s right, scientific research was done on the pains of headbanging!

Here are the results that they found:

“Of the head bangers, 81.82% of the girls and 16.6% of the boys had resultant cervical spine pain that lasted 1-3 days. Only 26.2% of non-head-banging girls and 0% of non-head-banging boys had cervical spine pain lasting 1-3 days. Of all the 8th-grade participants, 62.16% had pain somewhere. Other types of pain included leg pain, back pain, and headache. Only three adolescents took any medication for their pain.”

And their conclusion:

“The head-banger’s whiplash is a self-limiting painful disorder. The easy resolution of the pain problem in adolescents is a tribute to the resilience of youth.”

In other words, it hurt like hell. Well I could have told you that! Either way, it’s pretty hysterical that such research was done. The only question that really ponders our intellectual minds as we read this insightful report, though, is this: what bands did they make these tweens headbang to?

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