Metal Insider’s Top 5 metal parody bands

Posted by on January 21, 2022



Ask anyone their favorite sub-genre of metal, and just about no one will say “parody bands.” But just because some metal musicians would instead make goofy videos than headline Wacken doesn’t mean that their music isn’t worthy; in fact, some of the funniest parody groups are also insanely talented shredders not to mention songwriters. If the songs make you laugh while headbanging yourself to whiplash, you may be listening to a top-tier heavy metal parody act!

Here are Metal Insider’s Top 5 Parody Bands:

05) Psychostick

I only knew these guys from their Danger Zone cover for a while, but check out their brilliant Drowning Pool parody I Can Only Count To Four! They also play live shows on Twitch and take requests for parodies on the spot. Their humor & improv skills are everything you look for in a parody act.



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