Metal Insider’s Top 5 metal parody bands

Posted by on January 21, 2022


01) Dethklok

Holy motherfucking shit, how could anyone else be #1? The songs are both badass and laugh-out-loud funny, and thanks to the Metalocalypse cartoon, we know far more about Dethklok’s history, favorite foods, and pet peeves than we do for most real bands. With shredtastic musicianship and a documented tendency to ejaculate fire, Dethklok indeed will forever remain the kings of parody metal.



Notable Mention: Steel Panther


Like GWAR and others, Steel Panther is a little too much of a real band to be considered for this list of pure parody acts. That said, there is no band in the world funnier than Steel Panther, and for that reason alone, they need to be included even as a footnote… to which they’d no doubt have something filthy to retort.


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