Kirk Windstein doesn’t want a Pantera reunion either

Posted by on June 30, 2014


Crowbar guitarist Kirk Windstein was never in Pantera, but having been in Down with Phil Anselmo for so long, he’s certainly entitled to his opinion about the band. That’s why he weighed in on whether or not he’d want there to be a reunion, perhaps brought on by Zakk Wylde jamming on Pantera’s “I’m Broken” while BLS was on the road with Down. When asked by Riff-mag.com, in short, he replied that Zakk playing a song or two with members of Pantera does not a Pantera reunion make.

“I know Phil was doing a Pantera song or two with Black Label, but I can’t ever see it being billed as Pantera. If it’s Philip Anselmo, Rex Brown, Vinnie Paul and special guest Zakk Wylde doing the music of Pantera or celebrating the legacy of Pantera – I can see that happening. But to say ‘This is Pantera’, no. In my opinion and knowing Philip for so many years, I don’t see them calling themselves Pantera. But to go play the songs, why not? We all love it. It’s on of the best bands ever.”

Windstein seems to have the same opinion as everyone that was in Pantera – with one exception. Vinnie Paul seems perfectly content with not reuniting. It looks like bad blood still remains between him and Phil Anselmo. And given the way Pantera ended and the fact that he saw his brother assassinated onstage, his opinion is certainly a valid and important one, even if the music of Pantera is something that a whole new generation of metal fans would love to get to experience live.

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