While Metallica has a song about fuel, it was their big four brethren in Slayer that beat them to the punch in getting their own car. The “Scion x Slayer  Mobile Amp tC” was unveiled last week at an event that our friends at Metal Sucks and Gear Gods attended, and now Scion has unveiled an official video of the concept car. One of the things that the video reveals is that there’s a motorized tray that slides out from the back of the car, right under the backlit Slayer logo, that has mic and amp inputs. Yes, the car is a PA system as well. While a blog entry said that members of the band would be “plugging in two guitars to jam without any external equipment” during the SEMA show, video of that hasn’t surfaced yet. Here’s what the YouTube description says about the car:

Mike Vu of MV DESIGNZ translated the look and sound of thrash metal band Slayer into the Scion tC. The “Scion x Slayer Mobile Amp tC” will fascinate fans with a custom paint job with airbrushed logos and skulls, suicide doors and Billet Slayer sword blade wheels with spike-style center caps. The interior turns up the volume even higher with a custom Pioneer audio system with towers of speakers, a custom mixer and a 32-inch monitor for media playback.

While it looks (and probably sounds) amazing, it’s only a concept car, so you probably won’t be seeing these at your local Scion dealer. You’ll have to pick up a regular boring old tC, which is still probably sportier than what you’re driving now.

[via theprp]