Amplified: NevBorn craft their incredible atmosphere “Between The Skies”

Posted by on February 27, 2015

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Extreme music is great and all, but a great love of mine is post-rock and metal. Especially in the winter, there’s nothing better than a good post record to envelop you, ideally with as much reverb as possible. So, when we got an email from Swiss quintet NevBorn, there was no question that they were worth talking about. We had a peek at some material from their debut record, Five Horizons, and were immediately hooked. “Between The Skies” spends two full minutes building its atmosphere with ethereal, melancholic post-rock flair before exploding into a sludgy, leaden riff. The vocals are nicely diverse, alternating between a verge-of-vomiting howl and forceful yet tenderly emotional singing. The “post” part of their post-metal leanings is on full display for a great deal of the track, as its closing minutes settle into an airy chord progression with a sparse, hypnotic guitar melody bringing it home. It’s intense, but needs no mosh-happy brutality to do so. Fans of Isis (the band) and The Ocean should not pass this one up.

Stream “Between The Skies” below, and look out for the release of Five Horizons via Hummus Records on March 20th!




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