Amplified: Driven Mad are “Gripping the Third Rail”

Posted by on August 28, 2014

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When Metal Insider took a trip to Queens to see Downset a few weeks ago, we had no idea what we were in for. The borough has a healthy metal underground, and we were completely surprised to see not only an extremely large crowd at the Blackthorn 51 club. We were also extremely impressed by NYC quartet Driven Mad, who were direct support for Downset. We liked them enough to trek back out to Queens a week later to see them play at another packed club we’d never heard of, Club Noa Noa, opening for Ecuadoran band Basca, who were making their first New York appearance. While New York has a healthy metal scene, trekking deep into another borough was like entering an entire other world.

Formed in 2012, Driven Mad have quickly gotten themselves on the map, having opened for not just Downset, but also Overkill, Cro-Mags and Shai Hulud. Imagine , if you will, if Glenn Danzig fronted a thrash band. That’ll begin to give you an idea of what they sound like, but there’s plenty of technical metal and melodeath in their sound as well. In their relatively short time as a band, they’ve amassed a huge Hispanic following, which vocalist Sam Walters referred to as “Satanic Hispanics.” In fact, the band will be filming a video for their first song in Spanish, “Fuerzas Brutales”, a tribute to their Hispanic fans who are collaborating with the band on the lyrics.

Taken from their current EP, Committed, here’s the EP’s first track, “Gripping the Third Rail.” You’ll get to see them play it in and around the tri-state area, and the band plan on touring around the EP and recording the follow-up to it in the coming months. You can find them on Facebook, but take a listen to them below.

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