Alice Cooper in talks to play the Green Goblin in ‘Spider Man: Turn off the Dark’

Posted by on October 4, 2013

Alice-Cooper-Green-GoblinHave you ever wished you could watch Alice Cooper sing songs written by the Edge and Bono while wearing even more makeup than he already does? You could be in luck, as the New York Post reports that Cooper is in talks to portray the Green Goblin in the $85 million musical Spider Man: Turn off the Dark. The Post says that the show’s producer, Michael Cohl, is willing to pay Cooper $150,000 per week to appear in the musical, which has been running on Broadway for three years, but has yet to turn a profit. Supposedly, Cooper would play the Green Goblin in January and February.

Having Cooper play the Green Goblin could inject a bit of life into the play. Cohl would like to franchise the play around the world, and the play could use a little more buzz. According to Wikipedia, Turn off the Dark will have to play for another two years to recoup it’s cost. It’s a great financial move for Cooper, who’s been a theatrical performer for his entire career. And it’s not like he’s selling out. We’re talking about someone that was on The Muppet Show in the ’70s. And he has been in talks to do a Broadway version of Welcome to my Nightmare in the past. Cooper does run the risk of getting hurt though. Since the play’s inception, five people have been hospitalized with injuries, some of them serious, from all of the flying sequences.

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