mikeieradiAfter enlisting Lamb of God’s Chris Adler to play on their new album with fat stacks of cash, Protest the Hero have announced that they’ve hired a new permanent drummer. The Kindred drummer Mike Ieradi will be assuming drum duties for the band. It would seem somewhat coincidental that The Kindred is opening for PTH on their upcoming tour, but he’ll be bashing the skins for both bands. Here’s what the band had to say.

“Finding a new drummer has proven to be a tough task!  We had interest and video submissions from many friends, fans, and family alike (yes, Choadie’s mom sent in a video of her ripping “c’est la vie!”).  Every single one of those submissions was wonderful – but we realized it was going to be impossible to select a drummer based on a YouTube video.  We needed someone who we knew.  Someone who we thought we wouldn’t murder and leave at the side of the road two weeks into tour.  We think we have found that person in Mike Ieradi – a Canadian fella we met many moons ago.

What’s that you say?  Mike is already in another band?  Yes, he is.  He will be playing in two bands on this upcoming tour.  He will be opening with his band The Kindred and will then wrap the night up playing with us.  Despite pulling double duty on this tour, he IS the newest member of pth and will hopefully be with us until we hang up the old jazz picks.  No pressure Mike!  “

Ieradi commented on his new position as well.

Hey everyone! Mike Ieradi here, and happy to announce my new role in Protest the Hero. I’m excited to be a full blown member of a great band with some great friends, and looking forward to the future with these goons. Stoked to see everyone out on this upcoming tour, and I hope you enjoy watching me sweat my way through two sets with Protest and The Kindred. It should be a fun one!

Ieradi joins the band just in time, as Volition will be released on October 29th. The Kindred were known as Today I Caught the Plague until earlier this year. They have a self titled album due out on Sumerian later this year. No word on whether Ieradi will be able to play in both bands beyond this tour, but it seems like he has every intention of staying with both bands, at least in these early stages.