With a new album set to release a month from now guitarist Nate Salameh has left Attila and their partying life-style behind.

Salameh posted this to his Facebook account yesterday:

“I’m making this post to inform everyone that the boys in ATTILA and I have decided to go our separate ways. I have no bad blood against the guys at all. It was apparent to the people who are close to me (including the guys in the band) that I wasn’t happy. I couldn’t keep lying to myself. It just took some recent events for me to realize it. I had rrecently decided to make a lifestyle change to clean myself of all drugs and alcohol and it is obvious that this was not the environment that I needed to be in to ensure that I live a clean ,healthy and happy life. I’m blessed to have made so many friends and I am truly appreciative all the life lessons that the road has ttaught me. I wish the best for ATTILA in all future endeavors. This is not the end of the road for me. This past year I have found a new passion for recording so I will be perusing this strongly. I love all you and thank you”

Nate Salameh joined the band in 2008, and played on the band’s last five studio albums, including their latest, Guilty Pleasure, which comes out on November 24th. The band has yet to make an official statement on the departure.

(via The PRP)