Is There Trouble In Testament Paradise?

Posted by on August 15, 2012

You’d think that having the biggest debut of their career with Dark Roots of Earth would make Testament pretty happy. And while there are no signs that they aren’t on the outside, according to an interview guitarist Eric Peterson recently gave, the current lineup of the band might be in question. Peterson, the only original member of the band, told Radio Fireball in an interview that “there’s definitely some politics in the band now. If the record does good, which I think it will, it’ll see Testament doing another record. There’s some people in the band, I think, aren’t a hundred percent there unless it keeps going good… If Testament sees darker days, I don’t know if this lineup would stick.”

So essentially, as long as things are going well, there’s no problem. And with the album having sold 20,000 copies and debuting at #12, everything should be ok for now. The band’s already gone through one slump before, which they got out of by releasing The Formation of Damnation. And while he doesn’t name names, it seems like a few members may be unwilling to go through a second decline. But does that mean that if the next album doesn’t do better than this one, there will be a lineup change? The current lineup has been together for seven years.

[via Blabbermouth]

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