Hellyeah Posts Pictures of New Lineup

Posted by on February 20, 2014


A week ago, Hellyeah announced that guitarist Greg Tribbett and bassist Bob Zilla would be parting ways with the band. Kyle Sanders of Bloodsimple and MonstrO (and brother of Troy Sanders of Mastodon) has since taken up the role of bass in the band, though a second guitar player still, remains notably absent from the lineup. With new photos of the band being posted to their Facebook, it looks like Hellyeah will be continuing on as a four-piece, at a least for now. In the photo to the right, you’ll see the current lineup with newcomer Sanders standing second to the left.

The band is also pretty active in the comments section on their Facebook, for better or for worse. The following quote concerns the departure of Tribbett and Bob Zilla:

Things happen for necessary reasons. It’s so easy for people to assume or makeup reasons for things. Don’t ASSUME anything! The reasons for this parting of ways was for the better good. When you hear the new record you’ll understand.

And then there are the more explicit quotes:

Wow, some of you shit talkers and doubter’s really have no f’n clue. We can’t wait till you hear this new record so you can eat your fuckin words. Unlike us or shut the cunt up!!!

Fans will be able to judge the new lineup for themselves when Hellyeah head out on tour in April with Avenged Sevenfold.

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