Chelsea Grin and Jason Richardson going their separate ways

Posted by on September 22, 2015

Chelsea Grin are adding a member and losing one. First, they’re adding touring member Stephen Rutishauser on rhythm guitar as a full-time member. Second, they’re not parting ways with the guitarist who missed touring this summer because he was doing genetic research. No, they’re splitting with guitarist and keyboardist Jason Richardson because of artistic differences.

Said the band via Facebook:

“Us and Jason have split amicably, with the decision being based on musical differences and how we envision our next record sounding. Jason has been an asset to Chelsea Grin for years now, but will be focusing on his solo material and we thank him for his time with us.”

Along with the line-up changes Chelsea Grin also said that their, “new record will be out next summer and we promise you it will be our most extreme release to date.” This new album would be their first since 2014’s Ashes to Ashes, and will feature their new bandmate Stephen Rutishauser who wrote “Nightmares” on that album.



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