Chelsea Grin’s guitarist is a genius

Posted by on May 11, 2015

Contrary to popular opinion, metalheads can actually be pretty smart and have degrees like any other person. It’s like we’re also people! who’d have guessed that? The latest proof of that came when guitarist Dan Jones from Chelsea Grin announced that he will sit out all their upcoming shows for the remainder of the year, but unlike the other cases where the reasons are because of family tragedy, surgery or Sharon Osbourne, this one is a positive one: Science. He’ll be doing genetic research, so while it might not take a rocket scientist to be in Chelsea Grin, it might take a genetic researcher:


Skipping a tour to do genetic research is something that your average Joe won’t say and that’s great but if you’re still bummed and think that’s not a good enough reason for him to miss those shows, there’s a silver lining for you.


If you are one of those smart folks out there and would like to read one of Jones’ published papers, you can head here.


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