Following the recent tragedies of the Manchester attack and Chris Cornell’s unexpected death, we figured we could all use a laugh. Thankfully, over the weekend at Steelfest Open Air, Finland’s Azazel kicked off the festival on Friday (19) with booze, intoxication and a hysterical live performance. According to the band’s mostly inactive Facebook, they were considered as the #13 worst heavy metal band of all time back in 2014. After last weekend’s performance, they might be on a Metal Insider top five worst metal bands of 2017. We have seen a handful of emotional outbursts and walk offs before. However, Azazel’s drunken,  jam-like performance is something else. It looked like they downed at least 2 bottles of whisky before walking on that stage. Surprisingly, fans did scream for “one more song” at the end of their set. 
Check out the worst performance of 2017 thus far:

Congrats guys, you made it to #1!

[via Metalsucks]