Slayer pancakes are the best pancakes

Posted by on November 8, 2013

slayer pancakesA few days ago, lowest common denominator-pandering linkbait aggregate Buzzfeed published a list of “the 26 most metal things that have ever happened.” Despite the appearance of Kvelertak on the list, it’s mostly old memes and lame gifs and has no real use if you’re actually a fan of metal. However, just yesterday, College Humor uncovered a picture of a restaurant we’d love to try. Their “Slayer cakes” are pretty much just your garden variety short stack of pancakes with berry maple syrup, except of course for the bacon pentagram that comes on top of them. BACON. PENTAGRAM. That is all. That’s a great breakfast right there. I guess you could follow it up by paying a visit to an infamous butcher for lunch.

[via Metal Injection]


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