Rob Scallon makes song using shovel as bass

Posted by on February 23, 2016

scallonshovelThere’s probably a lot of you out there on the east coast and upper midwest that never want to see a shovel again after the winter we’ve had so far. Rob Scallon isn’t one of those people though. In fact, his friend Bob made a bass out of one using an EMG pickup. The resulting instrumental song that he made is plenty heavy, but even when he just plays the instrument at the end of the clip, it sounds like something that would’ve been on an older Sepultura album, like Roots. If you’re interested in seeing how you turn a garden tool into a weapon of mass distortion, a making-of video will be posted on Iliketomakestuff on March 3rd. It definitely looks like Rob and Bob have another viral hit on their hands, as the video’s gotten over 168,000 views in just one day.


[via Metal Sucks]

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