Metal albums in MS paint are as hysterical, intentionally bad as they sound

Posted by on August 19, 2015

Thanks to our friends at Metal Injection (who in turn found this on Reddit), we were hipped to a Facebook page titled Minimalist awful album art on ms paint and also avant garde haikus. The page is pretty self-explanatory, and it’s as funny, bizarre, and sometimes strangely well-done as you might expect to see some of the most iconic album covers of all time (including some current ones) recast and not-so-painstakingly recreated in the limiting MS Paint. The avant garde haikus are pretty well done too, even if they take a back seat to the art. For example, the haiku for the album to the left is:

a dad rock album
does not deserve a fancy
cover after all

Ouch. While all genres and time periods are present and accounted for, there’s quite a bit of metal in there. Take a look at some of our favorites, then go like the page on Facebook.


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