If Master of Puppets had the snare drum sound from St. Anger…

Posted by on May 27, 2015


… it would sound exactly what you’d expect it to sound like, which is to say not that good. YouTube user datadreams_2000 took the title track to Metallica’s best album and overlaid the snare sound from the title track of Metallica’s worst album. While the drum sound on a Metallica album never really sounded particularly good until 1991’s Black Album, Flemming Rasmussen’s snare sound on “Master” is masterful (puns!) compared to the garage-like sound that Bob Rock (and Lars, probably) gave 2003’s “St. Anger.” Ironically, it was Rock’s work on the Black Album that first gave dimension to Lars Ulrich’s drum sound.

[via Metal Sucks]


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