Crazy Newspaper Box Woman Is A Trivium Fan

Posted by on April 23, 2012

If you live in or around the New York area, it’s really hard for anything to really stand out. There’s so much random stuff going on that it takes something batshit crazy to get anyone to notice. However, today the interwebs are abuzz with talk (and pictures) of a woman that’s taken to knocking down newspaper boxes to relax on. The initial thread was about her laying down on one to eat a pickle. Why is Metal Insider writing about it, though? Because of her taste in clothes. While she might not necessarily be a Trivium fan, it didn’t stop her from wearing one of the band’s shirts in the above picture, which was taken earlier this month.

The woman in question might actually be a hip hop fan though, since as Gothamist pointed out, she’s in the video for a Death Grips song (go to 2:30 to see her enjoy a pickle). There’s obviously not much known about this woman, who the Village Voice first wrote about last year, except that she’s a fixture around the city, and is most likely crazy. But at least she knows how to relax.

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