Animals covering Drowning Pool > old dude covering Drowning Pool

Posted by on August 10, 2016


Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” is to hard rock and metal as Smashmouth’s “All Star” is to the rest of music. A song from around the turn of the century that’s popular enough to have basically turned into a meme. But whereas “All Star” is winding up in mash-ups with Linkin Park and Disturbed, “Bodies” has taken on a separate life of it’s own. Last month, 82 year-old John Hetlinger performed the song with Drowning Pool onstage after his performance on America’s Got Talent made america fall in love with him. Most likely sparked by that parrot that was taught to sing it, YouTube user Insane Cherry has done a cover using a bunch of video clips of animals, which is their stock in trade. Of course the parrot is in there, but so is a camel, a rooster performing percussion, cats and dogs and other assorted barnyard and household critters. Essentially, it’s a minute and a half of awesomeness. You might recognize some of the animals and clips from Insane Cherry’s all-animal version of System of a Down’s “Chop Suey” as well. Does that diminish the enjoyment? Not at all.

[via theprp, photo via Colt Coan]

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