Metal Insider CMJ Showcase Spotlight: Black Anvil

Posted by on October 3, 2013

grit_jeff_marsalaMetal Insider’s CMJ Showcase, which will take place on October 16 at Club Europa, will feature Nachtmystium, Byzantine, Black Anvil, Ramming Speed and Vattnet Viskar. Since forming in 2007, Black Anvil have made a name for themselves in the New York black metal scene. Having just recorded their third album (and second for Relapse), the band discussed their hardcore past, what fans can expect from the new album, and the guest vocalist on the album.


You’re currently working on your first record in three years. What’s the biggest difference between your last album, Triumvirate, and your upcoming album?

We have actually completed work on our 3rd record, Hail Death. Like always, there should be a progression with your music, so, it was going to be a different record off the bat. We spent a lot of time on arrangements with this record, as the ideas were flowing in a rather big way. We easily realized how this was to be treated and wrote a pretty big record. It’s longer than previous works, 9 tracks & clocks in just under 70min. For some, it may be hard to take in, there is, for sure,  a lack of patience these days. For others, it will be quite a journey I think. This is for sure the most creative/diverse Black Anvil work to date.


Vocalist John Chernack of Fantom Warior makes an appearance on the new album. Any other guests for fans to look forward to on the record?

John of Fantom Warior is the only guest on our record. We had a few ideas that never materialized for “guests”, but that just leaves us with things to look forward to. John is a direct part of our circle for some years, especially with Raeph’s ties to Fantom Warior. We knew there was going to be a place for him at some point, it was in the cards. We are honored to have our brother be a part of this album, especially with their resurrection this year. K.R.D!


You’ve played some new tracks live recently. How have your fans reacted to the new material?

From what we can tell, i would assume positively. I don’t think we’re personally in a normal state of mind enough to catch peoples reactions at said moments, however.


Three of you guys were in hardcore band Kill Your Idols before you formed Black Anvil. How much does hardcore influence your sound?

Obviously, Black Anvil has nothing to do with past or even current endeavors of any sorts. It’s not comparable on any level, to anything else in our lives even, we’ve managed to create something for us, by us. Influence? Sure.. does a Carnivore record influence us? Absolutely. If i was in a fucking, pop band i would carry this with me. But i don’t necessarily think we’re digging in an old bag of tricks for influence. When it comes to song writing, there is a deeper process for Black Anvil. Of course it’s easy to compare a riff in the early stages of a song to something, like, this is the “Sabbathy” riff or, the “Leeway” part. However, our influences aren’t limited to just music. There’s a world out there, and if you can find your way thru the crevasses of the everyday mundane 9-5 life & channel those elements found in its depths.. You will find limitless influence, much more than the confines of a genre or record collection.


What are you most looking forward to about playing our showcase?

Destroying the WHOLE fucking thing.

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