Now you can turn your old ticket stubs into floor mats

Posted by on August 23, 2016


When it comes about nostalgia, you can be sure that someone out there is ready to profit out of it. It could be a band re-issuing their old catalog or your newly-reunited favorite band from your high school years announcing a tour, there’s ways to make money from your memories and a company who can turn your old ticket stubs into floor mats are jumping on that ship.

Lakeside Photo Works is one of those printing companies that can turn any of your favorite images into merch like coffee mugs or posters but the latest service they have is to turn those old ticket stubs you have in your basement and turn them into floor mats.

floor mat

The mats are offered in two different sizes 24″x36″ or 36″x60″ and they start at $34 each + shipping. You can either scan your wrinkly ticket with a high quality scanner or you can mail the ticket to the company, which is later returned to you once the job is done. As previously mentioned, you can also turn those tickets into coffee mugs or anything else they offer but we believe the floor mat is the best idea for it.

You can order directly from your phone after you get a good capture of your stub by calling the company directly or by submit your order right here.



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