Foo Fighters aren’t done with corpse paint yet

Posted by on November 21, 2014

On Halloween, Foo Fighters continued to build anticipation for their Sonic Highways album and Sonic Highway HBO series by playing a show in Nashville while wearing corpse paint. It turns out that’s not the last you’ve seen of the band and corpse paint. The band are joining the ugly holiday sweater craze and releasing two sweatshirts that are inspired by Emperor. The sweaters, available in red and green, feature a gingerbread man with corpse paint, surrounded by reindeer skulls and pentagrams, with the band’s logo in an Emperor-esque font.

We pretty much thought the holiday sweater trend jumped the shark last year, when everyone was doing it, but at the same time, Foo Fighters are at least metalling theirs up a bit. And from anyone else, this could be seen as a craven cash grab, at least we know Grohl actually knows who Emperor are, given his lineage.

You can purchase your $30 sweatshirt from Foo Fighters’ web store.

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