Woman accuses Mastodon of scamming her son

Posted by on February 25, 2019

Throughout their almost 20 years as a band, Mastodon have remained a tight-knit crew. Sharing the same lineup, management and much of their crew for most of that time, they’re generally not trying to recruit people to join their family. That didn’t stop a possibly unhinged woman of accusing the band via Facebook messenger of offering her son a job, scamming him, and leading him on a “wild goose chase.” 

The message sent to the band starts with “WHY! WHY! WHY! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK,” then says “Fuck you you dirty Cum Bags You Should Be A Shamed Of Your Selved.” The band’s Bill Kelliher responded by asking why she would send the band a message like that. The rest is below:



Amidst the woman’s rant in the first screen grab, she also said “you know social media can be such a helpful way to ruin someone’s fame.” Lambgoat seized on that to hypothesize that the woman might have been targeting the social networking service Mastodon (no, we never heard of it either).  Apparently, it’s a Twitter alternative that got its name because the founder is a fan of the band. There’s no word on whether the woman got back to them, but if a business or band tries to hire you (or your son), perhaps do your due diligence before bitching at said business or band.

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