Deafheaven used in iPhone 5C launch and ads

Posted by on September 17, 2013

Deafheaven iPhoneSo yeah, this happened almosta  week ago, but Metal Sucks noticed that Deafheaven has been singled out by Apple, being used in the keynote address and launch campaign for the iPhone 5C. And frankly, we think this deserves even more recognition. Why? Because we know that metal fans buy and download music and use high-tech gadgets to listen to it, so it’s about time. And we’ve got to hand it to Apple for using a critical favorite as opposed to a commercial one.

“Dream House” from Deafheaven’s new album Sunbather was featured in last Wednesday’s keynote launch for the forthcoming iPhone 5C and is currently featured on the promo page for the official launch site. Whether or not the song was actually listened to before it was included in the promos, or was just used because of the album art  identically matching the new pink phone offering, we don’t care. Here’s hoping that Deafheaven are getting compensated for this and that metal continues to rear its face in unexpected places in the future.

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