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Posted by on April 5, 2011

Since the most metal of months came to an end last week (sad, I know), we decided to end March Is Metal Month with a blast by giving away some amazing prizes.  If you may recall, we announced a contest where one lucky winner could win a Carcass box set, a Celtic Frost box set, and a Five Finger Death Punch skate deck. That’s right, all three prizes together!! And all you had to do was leave a comment stating the most Metal thing you’ve done in March. We received a lot of great and truly metal submissions, but unfortunately there can only be one winner…and two runner ups who will receive a March is Metal month t-shirt and CD sampler.

It was a hard decision, but in the end we at Metal Insider felt that three box sets should go to (drum roll please)… lisa s. who left the following winning comment:

“Most metal thing I’ve done this month? I graduated college and moved back in with my parents. Wait, there’s more.

My home girl and I were the only attendees at an Evangelist and Phalgeron show last week (Mondays and lazy, anti-promotion venues strike again). An anomaly on their tour, I am sure. Without hesitation, both bands ripped despite the minimal attendance [could have had something to do with Stacy and I’s head banging that was furious enough to fill the (empty) room.] I’ve seen Evangelist a few times before and have made their acquaintance – respectable young men. A pack of hard working metal makers roughing it in the van, and a mostly empty nest in the ‘burbs is a recipe for hospitality, no? “Daaad, can I have a sleep over?” Although it had been well over a decade since my ears first perked to a guitar solo on the radio (Van Halen) and was having slumber parties, the pad is tried and true for such gatherings, though never tested on headbangers. Dad grumbled in submission and granted me permission to extend hospitality to the deathrace princes of darkness. After the show, the party moved to mom’s and pop’s. I had to leave early in the morning to attend my non-job, and told the troops they had to leave when my mom left for the day. They were such polite guests and my mom is so sweet, er I mean metallicious, she ended up telling them to stay put and sleep in. My mom called me at non-work to report what happened next: Grumbling dad proceeded to make them breakfast – 18 eggs, three loaves of raisin bread (who knew that random, extravagant Costco buy would come in handy?) and a grip of bacon were fried up! Before the two bands departed for their next tour stop, they took a group shot in front of their van with my dad throwing up horns!

Only in Metal March could such a brutal anomaly occur on a driveway in such a burb-tastic ‘hood. My parents now sport illegible metal font on their t shirts when they shop at Costco, and listen to the latest Seattle death metal on the ride home in the hybrid – an extra pack of bacon in tow, just in case.

So there you have it: the most metal thing done in Metal March was my dad fueling the metal march onward to the dark abyss of the interstate, straight outta the ‘burbs, with blessings, er, damnations with his very own newly found horns! \m/”

So not only did lisa s. win because she has awesome parents, but also because she helped out a metal band by giving them a place to sleep and bacon (the most metal and tasty meat of all!!). Anyone who knows how difficult it is for metal bands to tour knows that she did a mitzvah and a half! So she wins a Carcass box set, a Celtic Frost box set, and a Five Finger Death Punch skate deck because she went above and beyond to help out fellow metal heads.

But  lisa s. wasn’t the only person who had a truly metal month. We also chose two runner ups that would receive a March Is Metal Month t-shirt and a 16-track sampler from participating labels Century Media, Earache, Prospect Park, Virgin, Season of Mist, Candlelight, and Willowtip. You can check out what our runner ups submitted after the jump. Thanks to everyone who submitted and we hope that you all had a truly metal month back in March!

Here’s what our first runner up Bryan left in the comment section:

“My friend and I bought two tickets to Bloodstock which takes place in Birmingham, England. This despite that both of us have plans with our women that weekend, both of us live in the US, and neither of us have plane tickets, solely because Morbid Angel is headlining. I’m also getting married a month after the concert, so my fiancee will surely be pleased to hear I’m about to spend upwards of $1000 to see Morbid Angel within weeks of our nuptials. Duty calls.”

Well Bryan, you may be in debt and have a pissed off fiancé on your hands thanks to your extreme love of Morbid Angel…but at least you have a t-shirt and sampler! J

And here’s what our second runner up Chuck left in the comment section:

“I missed SXSW because I was pissing blood…kidney stones are totally metal”

How metal are kidney stones? Just ask Dave Mustaine.


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