2008, the year when Obama won the Presidency, the stock market crashed, and the New York Giants beat the New England Patriots 17-14 at Super Bowl XLII at the University of Phoenix Stadium MVP. Obviously, none of that has anything to do with music or metal but, for those who do remember what happened one decade ago, would also reflect on albums that were released such as Meshuggah’s ObZen, Metallica’s Death Magnetic, Opeth’s Watershed, Ayreon’s 01011001, and Gojira’s The Way of All Flesh.

While we can reminisce about these acclaimed records and list out our personal favorites, we decided to redirect our focus to albums that have debuted one decade ago.

Abigail Williams – In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns (Candlelight)

Abigail Williams, The American black metal outfit originally from Phoenix, AZ and now Olympia, WA unleashed their debut album In The Shadow of a Thousand Suns shortly after the group’s brief hiatus in 2007. Since the release, the band have been faced with numerous lineup changes, which started shortly after the arrival of their first album. Within ten years alone, guitarist/vocalist Ken Sorceron is the only original member. Abigail Williams released three full-length records since, which includes their latest effort 2015’s The Accuser.


Alestorm – Captain Morgan’s Revenge (Napalm)

Pirate metal wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Alestorm’s 2008 debut album Captain Morgan’s Revenge. Originally from the UK, now Scotland and, according to their Facebook, their hometown truly belongs in The Banana Islands, Sierra Leone. These boozey-mates have executed a unique blend of folk and power metal by adding adventure and, of course, pirates to the mix that even they are celebrating the album’s tenth anniversary by releasing the remastered version and you can order your copy here.



Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild (Roadrunner)

Australian hard rockers released their debut album Runnin’ Wild in the US in 2008 via Roadrunner, despite it’s initial arrival in their home country back in 2007. It was considered as one of the best debuts of the year and aside from a few lineup changes, they have been kicking it ever since including their latest effort 2016’s Breakin’ Outta Hell.


Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted (Roadrunner)

Brothers Max and Igor Cavalera reunited for the first time in a decade and created their debut album Inflikted. This marked their first album together in twelve years since Sepultura’s 1996’s Roots. It was the ultimate and rather successful Cavalera brothers reunion, and ten years later, they have four albums out including 2017’s Psychosis.


Exmortus – In Hatred’s Flame (Heavy Artillery Records)

Exmortus introduced us to their raw style since their debut full-length album, In Hatred’s Flame. Since then, they have excelled in both their production and live value, and we have seen that with 2014’s Slave to the Sword and 2016’s Ride Forth.