In Mourning – Shrouded Divine (Aftermath Music)

Swedish progressive melodic death metallers In Mourning formed back in 2000. Despite a couple of demos, it wasn’t until eight years later for their official debut album Shrouded Divine to arrive in 2008. Since then the group has released a total of four studio albums including 2016’s Afterglow.


Krallice – Krallice (Profound Love)

New York City avant-garde/black metallers have been around for over a decade, yet they release more albums than groups that formed for over twenty years. It was their self-titled debut album that started it all and they have been consistently pushing ahead. However, no one can forget this unforgettable LP, despite issuing two records in one year (2017’s Loüm and Go Be Forgotten).


Revocation – Empire of the Obscene (Independent)

Boston tech death metallers introduced us to their explosive sound with 2008’s Empire of the Obscene. At first, there were a few who didn’t know what to expect from them but, it was those distorted guitar riffs that made it difficult to turn this record off and had them eventually sign a deal with Relapse Records. Their brutality has continued effortlessly, which we have seen in 2016’s Great Is Our Sin via Metal Blade.


Warbringer – War Without End (Century Media)

Warbringer could be considered as a new wave of modern thrash metal, and it all started with their debut album War Without End. These California thrashers have since experienced numerous lineup changes, and vocalist John Kevill has been through it all. However, it hasn’t stopped them from releasing five studio albums including 2017’s Woe to the Vanquished via Napalm Records.


Warrel Dane – Praises to the War Machine (Century Media)

Praises to the War Machine was Warrel Dane’s first and final solo album. Similar to his Nevermore and Sanctuary efforts, his one-of-a-kind voice is what made this album unforgettable. Dane passed away last month while he was in the process of recording his second solo effort.