Seven “shocking” news stories from this week – 9/20

Posted by on September 20, 2019

06) KoRn’s Jonathan Davis on releasing a new album the same year as Slipknot, Tool and Rammstein

While this is the least “shocking” story, the fact that Rammstein, Slipknot, Tool, and KoRn have released a new album in the same year and less than six months apart from each other, is surprising. At times, it makes you forget what year it really is. However, 2019 is probably one of the biggest years in new releases we’ve seen in quite some time. And if you saw how Tool’s Fear Inoculum on its first week reached #1 beating Taylor Swift’s new album, that should say something. 

Australia’s Maniacs recently caught up with frontman Jonathan Davis and asked if these releases brought Davis a feeling of deja vu:

“It’s good to be in good company. You know Slipknot’s doing really good, I’ve been watching those guys since they were just little fucking kids beating the fuck out of each other on stage. I remember when Ross Robinson told me “Dude I found this crazy band from Iowa, you gotta see this, they are crazy insane and wear masks”and he was so excited and to see what they’ve blossomed into is amazing. And then fuck, everyone’s been waiting for a Tool record for how long? They’re an amazing band. It just feels really good to see, you know? It feels like a camaraderie of bands. One band being successful helps all of us because we’re becoming a dying breed.

I feel like since the music industry took a turn that there’s no more labels willing to spend money to help rock artists be bigger than life rock and roll things any more. It’s shit just straight to hip hop and RnB and stuff. It’s awesome to see that bands like us are still out there doing this and we’re flying the flag for rock n roll. There’s still people who want to come see and enjoy that.”

Davis later explained how it feels to still be influential, twenty-five-years later:

“It feels amazing. To think that you’ve done something so special that someone was touched so much by it. That they’re inspired to try and replicate or throw something up there in its honour, you know? It’s really fucking cool. This whole thing. Me sitting here talking to you is a fucking trip. I never thought that 25 years later I’d be doing this still. And last night with Alice In Chains and that many people, all that stuff is just a trip. I can’t believe we are still doing this after this long, that our fans are still this passionate.”

Read the full interview here and check out our review of KoRn’s The Nothing at this location

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