Seven “shocking” news stories from this week – 9/20

Posted by on September 20, 2019

04) This week in Tommy Lee: denies penis video he uploaded belongs to him; new solo album will include all genres

According to Billboard, Tommy Lee has been working on his new solo album for the last two years and it’s tentatively titled Trans Genres and will arrive sometime in March 2020. The former Motley Crue drummer explained about the title:

“Because one side is all female energy and the other side of the record is all male. It’s very eclectic, and I think everyone’s gonna really enjoy it. That’s what I’ve been excited about lately. What a labor of love.”

The album will consist of multiple genres as he continued:

“There’s a Prince cover called ‘When You Were Mine’ that we slowed down and is fucking insane. There’s so much, dude. So much. There’s literally every single different genre that you could imagine. That’s why I want to call it Trans Genres because it’s literally all over the place, which I love. It’s my favorite thing. I love swishing it up from track to track. But this is literally a whole side of one kind of eclectic thing and one side of the other kind of eclectic thing. I like records like that. I don’t like records that sound like it’s pretty much the same thing.”

You can read the full conversation here

However, in more “important” Lee news, the drummer has allegedly posted an image of a penis held towards his wife, Brittany Furlan Lee’s lips. Lee captioned the photo with: 

“These new instagram filters are finally getting wood… I mean GOOD!!! They finally gave me my own filter!”

According to Page Six, a rep for Lee has denied this was his penis, it was a filter:

“All I know is, it’s not his.”

Whether this is considered shocking, it’s just one random story we’ve seen all week.

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