Metal Mixer is Metal Insider’s latest feature, highlighting recent band changeups and shakeups. While we dive into one-off announcements, such as the latest change for the band Civil War,we tend to compile a list showcasing the latest shuffles within a group over the last week. Today’s (11th) ranges from a potential upcoming lawsuit to amicable splits.

01) Dustie Waring considers legal action against Between The Buried And Me Bandmates amid termination:

Between the Buried and Me guitarist Dustie Waring has seemingly left the band, and this one comes with legal action, giving the public a dark lens through a potential look into the ugly side of the music industry. Waring himself confirmed his exit by posting a legal notice on his Instagram. Though the band recently embarked on a tour supporting their Colors albums, Waring was absent from the live lineup, with Tristan Auman filling in for him on guitar.

The situation became apparent through the shared legal document revealing claims against the band’s LLC agreement. Allegedly, the group sought to remove Waring over a sexual assault allegation made against him in 2023. However, investigations later revealed the allegations were false, stemming from an extortion plot. Despite this, the band attempted to dismiss Waring based on alleged unsatisfactory performances, when Waring had to perform in a chair after recovering from surgery, along with potential personal conflicts. Waring’s lawyer asserted that the band’s actions violated their LLC operating agreement and threatened legal action if a resolution couldn’t be reached.

According to the shared legal notice, Waring believed he was let go of the following reasons apparently violating the LLC agreement:

“1. That Tommy Rogers was upset that Mr. Waring objected to his wife making public statements supporting the extortionist’s false claims against Mr. Waring: and 2. The band members now realize that by getting rid of Mr. Waring, they each receive a financial windfall of 25 percent of the profits. Whereas before they only received a 20 percent share. This translates to a seven-figure incentive for each member to get rid of Mr. Waring.”

Waring shared the legal notice on Instagram, along with the following statement:

“It’s been a tough year for me and everyone who cares for me, but many of you have been amazing and so supportive, it’s moved me beyond anything I could ever imagine. With that said, It’s also been a really eye opening experience, one that has changed me and the course of my life. To have to go through it without the support of some of my brothers was not only hard but quite the shock. You all deserve answers, I’m sorry you didn’t get them before now. I won’t be commenting on this, all inquiries can be sent to my lawyer. @tparlatore

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