Metal Insider’s top ten 70000tons of metal 2019 performances

Posted by on April 22, 2019

01) Kalmah – Day 4 – Pool Deck


Kalmah barely tours North America, and when you see them booked to perform 70000tons of Metal, you feel compelled to join the cruise to see them. Of course, this all happened before these swamp metallers announced an insane North American Tour w/ Vreid. However, Kalmah’s performance was the ultimate 70000tons of metal perfection. Not only did they display killer songs from their latest effort 2018’s Palo, but they were also scheduled to go on at sunset. Everything was timed perfectly between music, watching the sunset, and Pikachu. That’s right, Pikachu. During Kalmah’s performance, a group of 7-8 Pikachu’s were in attendance, which also marked the best cosplay ever. These Pikachu’s briefly formed a conga line, crowd surfed, moshed, and more. Meanwhile, Kalmah continued to perform flawlessly. It was a moment that reminded you of why you were there in the first place.


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