Metal Insider’s top ten 70000tons of metal 2019 performances

Posted by on April 22, 2019

70000tons of metal is quite the experience. While being trapped on a boat for four days in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with metal blasting nearly 24-hours-straight, it is one of the most memorable moments that will last a lifetime. Many cruisers countdown until the next voyage as once you experience “the boat,” it’s challenging to get off the boat. This year’s journey ran from January 31st through February 4th, 2019 as the Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the Seas went from Ft. Lauderdale to Haiti’s Labadee and back. During this voyage, we witnessed 47 out of 60 bands, which included a few double sets.

While we could easily place bands we love such as Soulfly, Obituary, Napalm Death, Nile, Bloodbath, Dark Funeral, Sodom, Ensiferum, Accept, Kamelot, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Paradise Lost, Arkona, and so forth, on this list, we decided to avoid the more prominent names purposely and narrowed down to ten performances that impressed us the most. And don’t get us wrong, we thoroughly enjoyed all acts as 70000tons of metal never disappoints.

Bonus) Eluveitie – Day 2 – Pool Deck Set

The last time Eluveitie performed in North America was back in October 2015. A lot has happened since as the group went through a significant lineup change shortly after as longtime members Anna Murphy, Ivo Henzi, and Merlin Sutter quit and formed Cellar Darling in 2016. The Swiss folk metal outfit’s future was questionable, but they rebuilt and have since recruited Fabienne Erni, Michalina Malisz, Jonas Wolf, Alain Ackermann, and Matteo Sisti. Between seeing the new lineup for the first time and having an exclusive taste to hear the group’s new album Ategnatos, their pool deck performance was a guaranteed spot on this list. All we can say is, welcome back Eluveitie, you have officially been “reborn,” and we cannot wait to see you in North America this Fall.

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