Today is Canada day for our friends up north and because all we think about when Canada comes to mind is cold, grim and kvlt weather, we thought it would be great to list some of the best black metal bands the country has to offer. Considering we want to keep the list down to only five, we may miss some bands you think deserve on the list and for that, we apologize in advance but you can let us know in the comments what bands should be in this list. There’s no order in the following list because we believe all these bands are top notch on what they do.

5.- Sortilegia (Toronto, ON)


Sortilegia is a two-piece band from Toronto that has taken the black metal scene by storm since its inception in 2010. The traditional raw approach in their music and production quality tips the hat to the early stages of Scandinavian black metal from the 90’s. With only a few demos and releases, Sortilegia has been deemed to be a top representative of the Canadian black metal scene in recent years and if they keep the momentum they’ve acquired so far, there will be nothing that can stop them.


4. A.M.S.G. (Edmonton, AB) 


The more you dig into the Canadian black metal scene, the more you’ll realize how intertwined these bands are particularly with the members involved. A.M.S.G. was born from the mind of Angelfukk Witchhammer who’s been involved with bands like Ouroboros and Gloria Diaboli. The first record released by the band in 2013 was written by Witchhammer while serving time in Canadian prison for selling drugs and guns in order to finance all his bands. After being released from prison and recording an EP, Witchhammer has dedicated his time in full to release the sophomore record Hostis Universi Generis and you can take a listen of it below and see why the band deserves to be highlighted.