Metal Insider’s Top 10: shocking moments of 2014

Posted by on December 22, 2014

brockie31. Dave Brockie/Oderus Urungus dies, but GWAR continues on

Hands down, Dave Brockie’s death shocked the metal community the most, one that hit close to home for anyone who crossed paths with the lavish frontman. The death of Oderus Urungus’ human counterpart was later declared an accidental overdose, and at the time left GWAR’s future in limbo. Could GWAR actually continue without their ferocious leader, the man who many considered as the creative mastermind of the band’s existence? Fast-forward to this year’s GWAR-B-Q, where GWAR made its triumphant return onstage. While each member promises to play a bigger role in the band, GWAR finished the year with two new characters; Blothar [played by Michael Bishop, the original Beefcake the Mighty] and the blood-spewing-from-breasts bombshell Vulvatron.  While the loss of Brockie still lingers in people’s minds, any doubts that GWAR could continue on without Oderus were squashed during its massive fall tour and their latest contribution to AV Club’s Undercover sessions (providing a touching tribute to those who died in true GWAR form). – by ZS


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