Metal Insider Contributor Chip McCabe’s Top 10 of 2014

Posted by on December 11, 2014

earthalbum4) Earth, Primitive and Deadly
Fans of this band may find it a bit strange to be included on a list of metal albums, as Earth’s output has often strayed far and away from anything resembling heavy metal.  But their newest release also happens to be not only one of their heaviest but easily one of their best albums is a long and storied career.  People who like their rock in the stoner, psych, or occult varieties, along with doom metal fans will find a lot to love about this record.

Key Track: “From the Zodiacal Light”


myrkur3) Myrkur, Myrkur
Easily one of the most unique metal releases of 2014.  Filled with furious, frost-bitten black metal, intertwined with ethereal sonic landscapes, Myrkur put the rest of the black metal world on notice.  It’s a raw, unapologetic record at certain points, yet built on a foundation of serene beauty.  Not unlike the harsh Scandinavian winters, this album is both jaw-dropping in its elegance in certain moments and ferocious in others.

Key Track:  “Nattens Barn”


eyehategod2) Eyehategod, Eyehategod
This album was a long, long time coming, but entirely worth the wait.  New Orleans’ undisputed kings of sludge returned with an excellent collection of swampy jams befitting of their already stellar legacy.  Unlike other bands that rose from the ashes in 2014 to deliver somewhat mediocre or uninspired efforts, Eyehategod proved that they still have enough gas left in the tank to compete with the hundreds of bands that have vied for, and failed to capture, their sludge crown.

Key Track: “Medicine Noose”

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