This Fear Factory Drama Is Just Going To Keep Going And Going

Posted by on June 23, 2009

fear_factory_(dr)Fear Factory continues canceling planned European dates, the latest being UK’s Bloodstock. This time, the cancellation was accompanied by an announcement insisting the legal battle over the band’s name has nothing to do with it:

These particular dates are being postponed in order that we as Fear Factory may finalize the writing and recording of our new music.

In this parting statement, please understand that postponing these dates is not for any other reason than to create the album that Fear Factory fans are anxious to hear.

All the while, some choice quotes on the naming issue are slipping out in interviews with the once-shunned, now returned guitarist Dino Cazares:

The riffs [on the albums without Cazares] are pretty much a carbon copy. The song “Slave Labor” was a carbon copy of “Shock”. They’re very, very similar. I could go through the whole record and tell you what riff each was… I could actually sue Christian for stealing my riffs, but I was like, “No, I’ll take the high road, I’m very happy with DIVINE HERESY,” and that’s what I was just really happy doing until Burton approached me and I ended up coming back. He pretty much had it all set to go.

I believe Raymond and Christian, I believe it’s more money-driven, because it’s been since they’ve been in the band…they’ve been more money-driven, they’ve been more money-hungry kind of guys and first and foremost for me it’s more about the music, it’s not really about the money.

They’re all money-driven leeches, says the guy who was once in a skeezy porn. Cazares goes on to promise an official statement on the feud is in the works from vocalist Burton C. Bell in the next few days that will “explain it all.” I’m sure it will put a swift and quiet end to all this drama, which has been so out of character for Fear Factory…

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