Roughly a month after it took a recess, the manslaughter trial of Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has resumed in Prague. It had been called off on February 6th, a little after three days of testimony, after a key witness for the defense got sick. Blythe returned to the Czech Republic several days ago, and spent some time exploring the city, particularly its war-torn history. He was able to take some more pictures to post on his Instagram account, where he also commented on his state of mind.

This shot pretty much shows how I’ve been feeling for a whole now- torn in half, stuck in between two worlds, neither here nor there, waiting and watching for an answer to come, so that I can move forward again as a whole man. What direction I will move in, I do not know yet. Regardless, I am ready for the waiting to be over. I will move forward no matter what, and I will not be split in two anymore, no matter where I wind up. This is frustrating for me, but I am slowly learning to be a patient man. Life just happens. Deal with it.

There’s no word on when the trial will end, but it was supposed to be a five-day trial, so we might know Blythe’s fate several days from now. He’s obviously looking forward to the trial’s end, regardless of the outcome. Looking at his photography and reading his commentary via Instagram is insightful. Not only is he an extremely talented photographer, but it’s obvious that it’s cathartic for him to share his experiences. Hopefully things will turn out for the best for him this week.