Lime Wire Given Two-Week Reprieve

Posted by on June 7, 2010

File-sharing service Limewire will be around for at least another two weeks after being given a temporary stay of execution by a U.S. District Judge. According to CNET, a motion was filed on Friday by the RIAA to shut down the service. Judge Kimba Wood, who granted summary judgment in favor of the RIAA’s claims that Lime Group committed copyright infringement last month, gave Lime Wire’s lawyers two weeks to respond to the motion. Once Lime Wire responds to the RIAA, the RIAA (which is the trade group for the big four record companies) will have two weeks to respond to them, but Wood could make a ruling as soon as she gets Lime Wire’s response.

Instead of offering commentary or our take on the 10 year-old file sharing service, we’ll just make an observation here: doesn’t Lime Wire’s logo look a lot like BP’s?

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