Incubus singer has restraining order against him

Posted by on March 31, 2014

brandonboydWe haven’t thought about Incubus in a while, which is more than we can say about Svetlana Shusterman, who’s filed a restraining order against the band’s vocalist, Brandon Boyd. Shusterman, who was in the cast of 2006’s The Real World: Key West, received a temporary restraining order against him, according to TMZ.

She says the Incubus frontman has been stalking her for years, and has threatened her life. A police report filed said that Boyd followed her car onto a freeway and yelled that he was going to kill her. For his part, one of Boyd’s reps told TMZ “Brandon has been advised about this but doesn’t know anything about it. He doesn’t know this person nor does he recall ever having met her.” That isn’t stopping him from being ordered to stay 100 yards away from her pending a court hearing in April. It might not necessarily help Shusterman’s case that she was stereotyped as the “crazy Russian chick” on The Real World and was arrested for disorderly conduct in 2007. It’s been since 2011 that Incubus has released an album, but the band expects to have a new album out next year.

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