Evanescence suing Wind-Up Records

Posted by on January 6, 2014

amyleeIn 2003, goth-rock band Evanescence released their debut album, Fallen. It’s sold over 7 million copies since, and “Bring Me To Life” and “Going Under,” like it or not, are two of the biggest rock songs of the last decade. They’ve only released two more albums since then, 2006’s The Open Door and 2011’s self-titled album. While neither has reached their debut album’s heights of success, all three albums are at least gold. None of that matters to frontwoman Amy Lee, who according to TMZ, is suing the label.

There’s no official statement from Lee or the rest of the band, and in fact, the TMZ article is extremely vague and seems like it was written by someone with no understanding of the music industry or legal system:

The singer claims Wind-Up Records hatched a plot to sabotage Evanescence by replacing its promoters with a bunch of idiots who ended up torpedoing the group with lame ideas. Lee says to add insult to injury the label has withheld $1.5 million in royalties.

What’s that even mean? What promoters? Radio promotion, publicity, management? The band should have been in charge of their own destiny, and Lee and the rest of the band should at least have been capable of firing their management and bringing on people that weren’t “a bunch of idiots.” And why would it be in anyone’s interest to sabotage one of their biggest-selling bands? Wind-Up owing the band $1.5 million in royalties is a lot more realistic of a reason to sue, especially if it can be proven. But with at least 9 million albums sold, I’m sure there’s plenty of other bands that wish they had the same problems Evanescence did. If we hear anything official from the band, you’ll read about it here.

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