Here we have the second story about a label move today. In This Moment have jumped to Atlantic in a new deal after being signed to Century Media, which has released all of the band’s previous albums thus far including 2012’s Blood. Following the signing, the band will be heading into the studio on February 23 to record their fifth full-length album with an aim to have new music out by summer.

On recording the new album with producer Kevin Churko, Chris Howorth told Billboard:

“We have a bunch of ideas,” Howorth says, “and the way we did ‘Blood’ was different than we’d done any album before. We brought ideas and pieces and parts into the studio and wrote each song in the studio, one at a time. All the other albums we had the songs formatted and together already. So we’re going to do the same thing again. We’re gonna try to replicate the magic of ‘Blood’ and try to take the style and sound we had for ‘Blood’ and just do it bigger and better while still keeping true to that same vibe. That’s our sound. We feel like we found something and want to stick the flag in the ground on top of that hill.”

So it looks like we’ll have new material from the band sooner rather than later. Assuming the Hellpop tour ever stops. It makes sense that the band would upstream to a major. They’ve definitely continued to increase in sales with each album, and with Blood halfway to gold on Century Media, Atlantic will certainly know what to do with them from here.