The debut Beastmilk album, 2013’s Climax, was one of those non-metal albums that was immediately accepted by metal fans. While there was certainly some heaviness to the band, and singer Mat McNerney logged time in Finnish folk metal band Hexvessel, the band’s sound was more rooted in dark post-punk along the lines of old Killing Joke or Bauhaus. The  band changed their name to Grave Pleasures and underwent a lineup change, with former The Oath guitarist Linnea Olsson joining, and the first album with the band’s new name, Dreamcrash, will be released on September 4th on Columbia. The album was recorded last month with Royal Blood and Killing Joke -producer Tom Dalgety. Here’s what McNerney has to say about the album:

“I am concerned with a total collapse of our dreams. Hacking out this feverish, frantic and very uninhibited music, it exposes and lays raw ome intense emotions. As we get deeper and closer to capturing the spirit of what we set out for this band to be, we are touching some vital nerves. It’s getting under the skin, under the flesh.”

Dreamcrash will be released on September 4th on Columbia Records.