fit for an autopsyBack in April, Unearth and Fit For An Autopsy’s names were displayed on eOne banners at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. Unearth’s signing was officially announced last month. And now so has Fit For An Autopsy.

While guitarist/producer Will Putney confirmed the news to us back in April, eOne/Good Fight Music issued a statement officially announcing the signing. Putney had the following to say about his new label home (as well as about their former, Black Market Activities):

“We’re extremely happy to be working with eOne/GoodFight. I can remember buying Martyr A.D. and Fortheloveof CDs from Carl when I was a teenager so to have a record released by the man himself is very humbling.

We love Guy [Kozowyk] at Black Market and everything he’s done for us during our time with Black Market Activities. He took a chance on us when Nate and I had some demos in a computer and we owe a lot to that dude. Everyone please support that catalogue, Black Market has the coolest bands!”

It should be noted, though, that Black Market had been distributed through Good Fight (at least before eOne’s partnership came into effect). Although, lately Kozowyk has been busy with activities outside of music.

Fit For An Autopsy will release their new album Hellbound on September 10, which Putney describes as “an accumulation of everything we love about heavy music.” Check out a teaser trailer for the album below.

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